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I’m creative to my core. I’m an adventurous soul with a passion for travel, a healthy lifestyle (especially all things yoga), grand experiences and sharing my love of these things with others. My underlying goal is to collaborate with like-minded individuals and inspire a few people along the way.


I am classically trained in advertising and graphic design with a degree from OCAD University, but I feel like entrepreneurship and travel have always been in my DNA.  


My career started during my first internship, under the watchful eye of entertainment mogul Chris Smith of Chris Smith Management (Nelly Furtado, Alessia Cara). Within a few years, I founded my first venture, Bestfan, Toronto’s first online media outlet. Partnering with SONY Music Entertainment, Warner Music and Universal Music, we created a platform that predicted the latest trends in music, fashion and film. 


After successfully exiting Bestfan, I sought bigger, deeper, more meaningful challenges for the next phase of my journey. I set off to travel the world to gain insights, new experiences and a renewed perspective.  Part of that journey involved spending a month in an ashram in the southern region of India, where I became a certified yoga instructor. This was my epiphany. I knew the intersection of all these passions was where my true gift lies.


Upon my return to Toronto, I was re-energized and my creative company ALIGN Creative Minds, took off. I began winning business from scores of wellness clients who wanted to take their brand to the next level.


I run a successful lifestyle business, WanderfulSoul, which started as a passion project. It serves other like-minded soul seekers and is an authority brand in the wellness travel space. I have a personal interest for mental and brain health. I sit on the board of Women’s Brain Health Initiative’s Young Person’s Cabinet designing programs and events to inspire millennials to start taking care of their brain health.


My journey brought me back to India in the foothills of the Himalayas, where I crossed paths serendipitously with Cait. A woman who shared the same vision as I.  We co-created Wanderwell, which was developed to work with luxury hotels and brands to influence the well-being of their elite clients and spread global wellness.


My passion remains firmly focused on the intersection between wellness and creating unforgettable, transformational experiences.

wanderwell with us.

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