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How To Live The Dream

Post by: Cherie Healey // Possibilitarian, Board Certified Coach, Leader of Livewell Retreat

Learn how to live the  dream. 

Everyone of us has a dream about how life could be.  I have a big fat dream and so do Cait and Vitina, my sisters from Wanderwell.  We collided into each other earlier this year when a friend introduced us and we all said,

"I think we're onto something and we have to share it."  

Cait & Vitina are the epitome of living the dream.  They designed a Travel and Wellness business that takes amazing humans to the world's most beautiful places to become even happier more amazing humans.  NOT TOO SHABBY.

I left a great corporate career 10 years ago to help people live their dreams and change the world.  I get to work from home and by the sea, help mind-blowing souls make a difference and raise my babies on my own terms. 

We've learned a lot of lessons, the three of us.  And we have a lot to give you.  I know the only way I was every able to believe in what I wanted was by learning from others who had already achieved it.  Sometimes you just need someone to shine the light for you.

What you'll get in this Video:

1. Our 3 biggest lessons Don't make the same mistakes we did.  Get to the dream faster and easier. 

2. Stories to inspire your heart and mind We've been through a lot.  Know you're not alone.  

3. Guided meditation better than the spa Just what you need to reset at any time on any day.  

4. Details on our next getaway We're all planning 2018. Don't just go on a trip. Find the people who will change your life.

5. Presents and a recording Cait and Vitina have a couple of amazing gifts for you - one very sparkly and one that will save you money on our upcoming Livewell retreat in Nicaragua.

Join us at Nekupe in Nicaragua for a trip of a lifetime. It's time to LIVEWELL.

wanderwell with us.

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