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Bridging Work & Play: 5 Must Visit Co-Working Spaces Around the Globe

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Becoming an entrepreneur is no new concept. However, the culture around entrepreneurship is growing rapidly and becoming more sought-after. With simplified accessibility to information and education, there are more opportunities to start your own unique and exciting business venture from just about anywhere in the world

Because of this, everyone can be a #boss, whether you’re working on a side hustle or creating the next trending product, the entrepreneurial lifestyle is here to stay. Whether you want to hustle aboard or from home, co-working spaces across the globe are attracting the world’s most promising digital nomads!

Looking for a new space to expand your mind and your business at the same time, here are five fabulous co-working spaces around the world worth checking out:

1. Ministry of New // Mumbai, India

Out with old concepts in with Ministry of New. This Mumbai collaborative workspace was designed for independent professionals looking to be apart of a growing international creative community. Whether you’re a CEO, freelancer or tourist, this space has a place for all types of entrepreneurs.

The ultimate goal of Ministry of New goes way beyond the idea of a working space but to build an inviting interactive community where minds can grow. From tech-tales and cocktails to blockchain 101, the speaker line up is endless. The exclusive membership perks might have you flying to Mumbai for weekly yoga, footy games, and monthly brunch.

Pricing Structure // Please break out your currency converter, all prices listed in Indian Rupee.

  • Nomad: ₹11,000 - 10 days/month

  • Time Traveller: ₹15,500 - 100 hours/month

  • Resident: ₹19,500 per month including Daily Use / Hot Desk

  • Guest for a Day: ₹1,500 per day

2. Eureka Hub - Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s tech scene is getting hotter day by day, and because of this amazing co-working space are sprouting up across the city. Eureka Hub, began it’s journey to Toronto from the south in California. The space now houses a collected group of growing startups - more than 1200 companies love to call Eureka home.

The Eureka spaces are fully equipped with all the amenities that an entrepreneur needs, including; lounges, phone rooms, conference rooms, mailing services, fast wifi, and access to community events to keep that creative mind growing.

Pricing Structure //

  • General Member: $300/month

  • Dedicated Member: $500/month

  • Office POD: $2300/month

3. Hubud // Bali, Indonesia

The Hubud community is leading the global movement of location independence in life and business. Taking the co-space community to a new level by offering visitors and members the chance to experience co-living, co-working, co-learning and co-giving opportunities.

The Launch 30 program invites entrepreneurs to come to Hubud with an idea and leave with a business in just 30 days.

Pricing Structure // All memberships are based on hourly use or by month. Prices in USD.

  • In and Out: 50 hours for $90/month

  • Pro: 100 hours for $150/month

  • Unlimited: $220/month

4. Factory // Berlin, Germany

Created in 2011 by Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman - The Factory and its 75,000 sq ft building was an early disrupter in the entrepreneurial co-working community space. Formerly home to companies like Soundcloud, Twitter and Uber, this 'next-generation business club' doesn’t only cater to big names but companies of all sizes are welcome.

The Factory believes who you are is who you surround yourself with. Join a community where you can “work amongst like-minded, driven, creative individuals and push yourself and your ideas to the next level”.

Pricing Structure // Prices in Euros.

  • One membership with infinite opportunities: 100€/month

5. Crew Collective & Cafe // Montreal, Canada

No this is not a bank, well it used to be home to the historical Royal Bank Tower but now this is where bright minds collaborate chez the Crew Collective and Cafe in the heart of Old Montreal. If the building alone isn’t inspirational enough the long list of amenities will entice you, including the in-house cafe that will deliver food right to your desk. Oh, and full-time members get free coffee. :)

Pricing Structure //

  • Public Cafe (with wifi): Free

  • Day Pass: $30/day

  • Air Desk: $100 - $200/month

  • Designated Desk: $200 - $300/month

  • Premium Desk: $500 - $600/month

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