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5 Ways to Improve the Wellness Features of your Hotel

Today’s wellness hotels go beyond having a fitness studio and spa. Hotels are integrating wellness practices through a more holistic focus on wellness that rejuvenates a person’s mind, body, and soul. It is very exciting that wellness hotels exist across the globe, from bustling cities and beachsides to secluded areas in the wilderness.

Hotels are infusing wellness practices in a myriad of ways, such as the inclusion of modern and fully equipped fitness studios, personalized training sessions, Pilates, barre, and cycling. Today’s hotels offer spas with indigenous traditional treatments and local natural ingredients, as well as opportunities for guests to enjoy guided yoga and meditation classes or detox programs. Wellness is infused in the design, programming, and amenities of the hotel, but also in the food and drink with organic plant-based menus. It is wonderful that wellness conscious hotels can be created in many ways. Hotels are making wellness a priority, offering guests opportunities for fitness and detox as well as tranquility and restoration.

Here are 5 wellness tips that your hotel can try!

1. In-room fitness

Getting in a cardio or yoga session doesn’t only happen in the hotel gym anymore. Now guests can exercise in the comfort and privacy of their own room with their own private fitness studio. Wellness oriented hotels are offering personalized fitness kits in guests’ rooms. Consider offering a ‘fitness kit’ in guests’ rooms, with resistance bands, pilates balls and a yoga mat, on-demand fitness videos, and offer group fitness classes. Take it one step further and customize these kits by asking guests for their preferred fitness gear. At EVEN hotels from Intercontinental, rooms feature a fitness area with a stability ball, yoga mat and block, strength bands, and fitness videos on demand. Many hotels, including Fairmont and Westin, loan fitness items such as sneakers, iPods, workout clothes and yoga mats for free or at a minimal cost. This allows guests to have on-demand fitness gear in their room, and customize their exercise regimes.

2. Focus on mindfulness and restoration

While gyms are common in hotels, many properties are designing outdoor fitness studios that host yoga, pilates, tai-chi, and meditation classes. This demand for more restorative fitness for a traveler’s’ mind and body is taking root. Noting the importance of holistic wellness, 1 Hotel encourages guests to strengthen their minds, bodies, and souls through complimentary yoga, Vinyasa flow, Pilates, and meditation classes which are tailored to restore and rejuvenate. Partner with local fitness and mindfulness experts at your hotel who can run meditative breathing programs in private and group settings. Think beyond indoors, and consider integrating mindfulness and meditation studios inside your hotel, and explore creating outdoor relaxation spaces for guests. Some hotels, like the Morgans Hotel Group, which may not have room for a meditation studio, integrate mindfulness practices through recommendations or complimentary downloads for mindfulness apps like Yoga Wake Up, Headspace, Inscape, Calm, or Buddhify, or providing guided meditations.

3. Rethink hotel snacks & minibar

Often, the minibar drinks and snacks in hotel rooms are often boring, unhealthy, and the same as all their competitors. Hotels like the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills are reinventing hotel rooms with healthy on the go snacks. Consider including a wide selection of healthy snacks such as mixed nuts, cold pressed juices, Kombucha, protein bars, organic veggies and hummus, chia pudding, paleo granola and much more. Integrating seasonal and local snacks and products into your hotel can offer a greater sense of place and rootedness in the local culture. Partner with local producers and farmers for more sustainable and wellness-oriented snack and minibar options. Don’t just stop at the minibar and snacks, but also invest in wellness-oriented menus for room service dining and even a juice and snack bar.

4. Focus on healthy, delicious, and nutritious dishes

Don’t just stop at serving healthy in-room snacks but infuse a health and wellness food philosophy in your complete dining experience. At many certified wellness hotels and resorts, providing clean and nutritious food for their guests is of the highest importance, with some lodgings growing their own produce on their grounds. Work to partner with local farmers to source local organic ingredients when possible. Curate healthy menus that offer many plant-based options that are rooted in your region and culture. By providing a variety of dining options, guests are able to delve deeper into their wellness journey. Some hotels such as The Ranch specify certain detox menu options and programs.

5. Holistic Spa Treatments

Personalize your wellness amenities like at Aman hotels, which offers spa, dining, and fitness programs that are unique to the property and its surroundings. Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas and COMO Parrot Cay are examples of premiere holistic spa treatments that transport guests into a tranquil paradise. Their in-house teams have been trained by noted physicians, who specialize in nutrition, sleep, cardiovascular, and complementary medicine. Consider integrating local culture and holistic tailor-made treatments like Himalayan Salt Stone massage or nourishing Skin Collagen Gel Mask in your spa. Don’t just focus on the spa treatments, but also on the design and atmosphere of the space. Try to create a unique experience that provides an environment where a guest can relax and escape while enjoying natural and local treatment ingredients. Consider Amanjena Moorish Retreat in Morocco, which integrates Moorish therapies, such as Argan oil head massages and traditional Moroccan Hammam treatments.

Extra tips

6. Go beyond the hotel

Allow guests to be active outside of the hotel. Consider offering free rental bikes for guests to explore the area via cycle.

7. Consider your hotel design

There is growing consensus that the ways spaces are designed can encourage wellness. Many luxury hotel properties are integrating natural plants, greenery, and natural light in a ‘biophilic design’ which encourages restoration and relaxation. Hotels are also incorporating water and air purification systems to enhance their guest's wellness experiences.

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