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5 North American Wellness Retreats to Attend This Summer

Let’s face it, for those living in North America summer is one the busiest time of year. Between weddings, long weekends and festivals, the season can fly by (even if you don’t board a plane once). Since your summer schedule is likely booking up quickly, we thought it’d be great to share a few wellness retreats worth visiting that may be close to home for our lovely North American readers. :)

Eatwell Retreat - Whispering Springs Grafton, Ontario

When // July 6-8, 2018

Where // Whispering Spring Grafton, Ontario (1.5 hrs from downtown Toronto)

What // A Weekend Culinary & Wellness Experience

Who // Rob Gentile, Audrey Gentile, & Vitina Blumenthal

Reconnect with the wilderness, in your personal luxury safari tent, just a short 1.5-hour journey outside Toronto. On this retreat, you’ll have the time to slow down and learn how to refuel the body inside out. Disconnect from everyday distractions and devices that have been creating stress. Reawaken your thought process with the pure pleasures nature has to offer.

On this weekend retreat, you’ll experience a daily combination of meditation, yoga, workshops, cooking classes, while connecting with like-minded individuals.

There’s only one spot left for those interested. For more information on your retreat leaders, the location, itinerary and online booking visit WanderfulSoul.

Manifesting Peace & Yoga Retreat - Sedona, Arizona

When // July 15-19. 2018

Where // Mii Amo - Sedona, Arizona

What // Manifesting Peace and Joy Through the Four Directions

Who // To Be Announced

Nestled in the red rocks of Sedona, embrace rich tradition and culture during an intimate and inspiring week of reflection and renewal. This retreat encompasses the Native American spiritual beliefs of the four directions - East – Divine, South – Finding Ourselves, West – Finding our Relatives, and North – Finding Our Elders Wisdom. When exploring the four directions through ceremony and song, one is offered the opportunity to experience rooted spaces of ones spirit to find inner peace and balance.

To learn more about this retreat visit - https://www.miiamo.com/manifestingpeace/

Yoga, Peace & Quiet Retreat - Santa Margarita, California

When // August 10-12. 2018

Where // Santa Margarita, California

What // Slow down & Cultivate Mindfulness Experience

Who // Aaron Ogden

The day-to-day comes with many distractions, which can make you highly susceptible to sensory overload, leaving you feeling stressed and depleted. Restore your inner balance and harmony with healing yoga sessions, exploring nature, revitalizing meditation and expanding breath exercises.

The retreat is built with contemplative periods of silence to quiet the mind while settling and decompressing the nervous system - all with the goal of heightening the senses, increasing clarity and your connection with the energy within and around you.

To learn more about this retreat visit - https://www.sagradawellness.com/yoga-peace-and-quiet/

Women of the Moon Retreat - Sonoma, California

When // August 10-12. 2018

Where // Sonoma, California

What // Women’s Retreat for a sacred heart

Who // Liya Gerber

Under the power of the new moon, this weekend retreat invites women to cultivate clarity of the mind through the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and chanting. Together retreat attendees will embrace and create space to see their internal wisdom and intuition.

On the organic farm and wild canopy of The Lotus Feed Retreat Center, attendees will recognize the importance of food and nature as medicine. This retreat will transform limitations and remove subconscious blocks to bring women into accepting new vibrant ways of thought and feeling.

To learn more about this retreat visit - http://yogascapes.com/yogaretreats/women-moon-kundalini-yoga-retreat

Wild Manifestation Retreat - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

When // September 20-26. 2018

Where // Isla Mujeres, Mexico

What // Embrace Your Best Self Retreat

Who // Cait Fraser & Sally Rubin

Are you ready to cleanse your mind of the invisible barriers that are holding you back from your dreams? Are you ready to have a clear understanding of what you actually want? With so many constant distractions in your daily routine, it can be challenging to find time to connect with your true desires and needs. On the Wild Manifestation retreat, you’ll focus on embracing your best self without all those daily stresses holding you back.

On this six-day journey, you’ll rejuvenate through the magic of yoga, workshops, healthy eating, while building lasting and inspirational connections.

For all the information, including booking visiting Wild Wellness Travel.

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