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5 Eco-Friendly Resorts to Add to Your Wellness Travel Bucket List

Wellness and sustainable travel are becoming a more heightened focus for many travellers!

Eco-friendly resorts are becoming more popular across the globe. Before when you’d hear the words “eco-friendly resort/hotel”, the vision of rustic cabins and camping styled accommodations came to mind for many. However, today resorts are pairing luxury with sustainability and personal development to create unforgettable wellness experiences. What makes a good eco-friendly resort destination? Here are a few things to look out for when selecting your next wellness vacation:

  • Built or redesigned with green initiatives in mind (ie. low energy consumption, solar power)

  • Locally grown or onsite farm/garden

  • Giving back to their local community

  • Offers personal development and educational experiences to guest

With Earth Day coming up this weekend (April 22), we thought it’d be a great time of year to showcase some of our five favourite eco-friendly resorts.

Morgan's Rock Ecolodge - Nicaragua

Morgan’s Rock is a hidden gem that offers guests a unique combination of eco-lodging and luxury. Off the private white sand beaches, guests can access their ocean view bungalows and villas that back onto a 4,000-acre jungle. What makes Morgan’s Rock an eco-friendly resort? Half of the 4000-acre property has been designated a Private Reserve (Reserva Silvestre El Aguacate). Through reforestation and environmental awareness, the resort protects the area from poaching, illegal logging and deforestation. The resort promotes local artisans and artwork by indigenous cultures in its interior design and uses sustainably sourced woods for all its furniture and infrastructure. With an onsite farm with cows, chickens, fruits, vegetables and an ocean shrimp farm, all the meals at Morgan’s Rock are 60% sourced on the resort. Rejuvenate your mind and body, with onsite yoga practice and venture to the spa. The resort also offers a number of community experiences onsite/offsite.

Rancho La Puerta - México

Rancho La Puerta is a place where visitors have the space to relax, to breathe, and to renew with nature. The 4000-acre grounds includes 32 acres of gardens, hiking trails and an organic farm. This family-owned and operated destination is a pioneer in the wellness travel movement, which opened to the public in 1940. What makes Rancho La Puerta an eco-friendly resort? In partnership with the non-profit Fundación La Puerta since 1977, the resort actively contributes and supports environmental, social and educational projects in the Tecate and border area, including the preservation of endangered native plants and wildlife habitat within the region. The resort has a full-time garden team that is dedicated to the organic farm, which is used for most of the onsite dining experiences at the resort. Most of the gardening and landscaping is done by hand tools and are fertilized using composted organic materials.

Cempedak Island - Indonesia

Cempedak is a private island just off the east coast of Bintan, Indonesia. This magnificent island boasts with wildlife, rainforest and white sands. On a beautiful 42 acres of land, guests can truly disconnect from the rest of the world and focus on relaxation and reconnect with nature. What makes Cempedak Island an eco-friendly resort? All villas are made from locally sourced bamboo which incorporates large crescent-shaped roofs to help capture the cool ocean breezes thus avoiding the need for air-conditioning. In 2009, the resort owners created the Island Foundation to help the local community develop more sustainable work and living conditions for the island. The charity also focuses its efforts on teaching local children English as a second language and about information technology. Solar-powered energy is used to power the whole island and LED lighting is provided in all rooms to reduce overall energy consumption.

El Silencio Lodge & Spa - Costa Rica

Secluded away near the Poas Volcano, El Silencio Lodge & Spa pairs tranquillity and sustainability with a luxury retreat vibe for travellers seeking authentic wellness experience. Connect with nature by zip-lining the rainforest or rappelling down a waterfall. Reflect and relax in the cloudy dreamlike scenery. What makes El Silencio Lodge an eco-friendly resort? More than 95% of the resort's staff are local members of the community, as the owners believe in empowering growth in the community by providing employment. The resort holds a Five-Leaf Rating from Costa Rica’s Certification of Sustainable Tourism, an initiative created by the Costa Rican Tourism Board. This certification evaluates a resorts water management, energy conservation, waste disposal and recycling, positive relations with surrounding communities, cultural authenticity, and guest safety.

Miraval Resort - Arizona

Miraval Resort believes in creating a journey of life balance. With over 400-acres at the scenic foothills of the South Catalina Mountains, guests can explore nature, wellness and sustainability in one place. What makes Miraval an eco-friendly resort? With an onsite organic garden, guest can experience farm to table dining sourced directly from the resort. The resort offers more than 120 complimentary wellness activities, lectures, and fitness classes to all guests. A number of eco-friendly built villas are available to book, which promotes low energy consumption

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