Nekupe, Nicaragua // March 8-12, 2018



Leadership? Success? Building an inspirational life, business, career?
Creating a legacy for those you care about?


It all starts with you.

Consider that your external world is a reflection of your ‘inner core’:
your beliefs, values, thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Changing your external environment (eg. your job, home, lifestyle, relationships)
is a temporary fix at best.


To create lasting change – to shape a life that inspires you and those
around you every day – necessitates strengthening your inner core. 

For many of us, doing this work is confronting, challenging – just plain scary. Yet history has proven again and again that ‘greatness’ comes from within – without exception.

We invite you to join us for what promises to be the journey of a lifetime. Celebrate your potential with a select group of people who share your belief in and commitment to a higher purpose in this life: inspiring ourselves and others to become the greatest version of themselves the world will ever know.

Become a leader without a title.


Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat is a 1,800-acre private nature reserve in Nicaragua’s Pacific countryside that offers opportunities to stimulate your mind, your body and your soul. It is the vision of renowned Nicaraguan philanthropists Don Alfredo Jr. and Doña Theresa Pellas, avid travelers and adventure enthusiasts whose commitment to nature is exhibited through the resort’s core principles of respect and stewardship of the environment.


This sanctuary is located in Nandaime, the “place of abundant streams.” It is just under two hours from the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua, 30 minutes from the charming colonial city of Granada and just over an hour from the Pacific Coast.

Nekupe also houses an animal sanctuary with more than 158 species of plants, including more than 14,000 trees that were planted throughout the reserve. Wildlife and fauna is sustained by the reservoirs developed by a team of local experts and ecologists. The sobering aura of the grounds serves as a backdrop for a variety of recreational activities and nature appreciation.



ATV Rides

Horseback riding

Mountain Biking


Daily Yoga





Ropes Course


Grahame Gerstenberg has over 20 years' experience in developing training and facilitation businesses, specializing in developing the leadership attitude and capability of CEOs, executives and people from all walks of life. Grahame regularly hosts leadership and learning events in Australia and internationally, and has delivered Lead Without A Title (LWT) programs for clients throughout the world. Grahame's primary focus is on building world-class relationships: with LWT clients globally and with our incredible team of LWT Facilitators, so we can continue to deliver an exceptional experience for every participant in every class we deliver. When not travelling to explore opportunities to grow the LWT Global Movement, Grahame lives in rural Australia with his soul mate and Chief Hugging Officer, Danette.

Vitina Blumenthal, founder of WanderfulSoul & Co-founder of Wanderwell, is a Wellness Curator. She is a certified Yoga Instructor who after a successful career in the music industry began a journey of discovery in an Ashram in India. She has since dedicated the last six years travelling throughout India, South East Asia and Central America teaching and leading wellness retreats and is known for helping others incorporate Eastern mindfulness traditions and healing practices into our modern Western lifestyle.  She has learned from renowned thought leaders in the wellness space and more formally studied Mindfulness at the University of Toronto. It's her lifework to infuse practical mindfulness tools into everyday life to guide people to live aligned to their purpose. Her passion remains firmly focused on the intersection between wellness and creating unforgettable, transformational experiences.

Sample Daily Schedule:

6:00 am // Morning Celebration

6:30 am // Smoothie Bar, Tea or Coffee

7:00 am // Yoga and Meditation

8:00 am // Reflection and Intention for the Day

9:00 am // Leadership 2.0:  How You Can Lead Without A Title

10:30 am // Break

10:45 am // Leadership 2.0:  How You Can Lead Without A Title

12:30 pm // Lunch

1:30 pm // Doing World-Class Work: Bring Your Genius To Light

3:15 pm // Break: massage, activities

3:45 pm // Doing World-Class Work: Bring Your Genius To Light

6:30 pm // Dinner Under the Stars

8:00 pm //Evening Activity


4 Nights at Nicaragua's most luxury property. The perfect opportunity to connect with nature while in comfort and luxury. Choose between a stay in La Residencia or a private villa. Explore 1300-acres of pure bliss on your personal ATV


Nekupe’s dining options offer a fresh, farm-to-table spin on traditional Nicaraguan dishes. Whether you are having dinner at Don Alfredo’s or lunch at the picnic area, our culinary options will entice every palate. We will always accommodate any dietary needs or concerns. Buen Provecho!


You will benefit from the 24-7 attention of a dedicated ranger to help with all of your on-site requests and adventuresThey are your personal guide to provide you with any information you may need during your stay (in Spanish and English), booking activities, and even take you for a spin in your room's personal ATV


On this intensive 5-day retreat, you will dive deeper into what drives you to achieve and succeed - uncovering the psychology of your ‘story’. The workshops will explore the leadership strategies and tactics from globally respected leadership authority Robin Sharma. You’ll learn powerful new ways of thinking and create rituals and habits that will help you shift into the best-ever version of you.


Are You Ready For The Next Level?

  • Join a hand-picked tribe of souls committed to creating meaningful change in their life, business and career

  • Immerse yourself in intensive  conversations and activities about what it means to become a world-class leader in all aspects of your life

  • Each day, explore what it takes for you to live as your highest self

  • Refresh and restore so you can lead with clarity and purpose 

  • Uncover new possibilities for your life and business

  • A 6 star adventure curated to blow your mind

  • This is an experiential retreat. Embed new levels of creativity and freedom while swimming, swinging from ropes in the tree tops and getting energy treatments in a new land.


Starting at:  

$7,250 USD

Of all the wellness experiences you could choose to have - Wander Well is the ultimate. Truly exquisite locations, expert instruction and moments that will leave you changed forever. 

Beth Doane, Main & Rose

wanderwell with us.

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