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At the forefront of it all, we specialize in curating once-in-a-lifetime experiences that blend health, well-being, and transformational moments into a lasting, everyday mindset.


Our focus is shaping and guiding wellness experiences for individual travelers, intimate groups and corporate teams, as well as developing unique wellness programming for hotels and properties all over the world. Our uniquely crafted wellness programs and experiences aim to bring balance between personal growth and self care in order to foster intrinsic and extrinsic wellbeing and prosperity.


We believe that traveling teaches us more about ourselves and our strengths than any classroom ever could. When we travel, we overcome unique challenges, experience new perspectives and become immersed in new cultures. To really thrive and maintain a commitment to self-discovery, we suggest scheduling a trip at least once a year. Challenge yourself, push your boundaries, and above all, learn to love and listen to your inner compass. Put an adventure on the calendar now and make it a priority to explore this incredible world that offers endless opportunities to connect, to grow, to learn, and to truly wander well.

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Practical tips on helping you find more mental clarity and focus, lowering your stress, and finding genuine joy. The proven secrets to living your best life.

Join us Sept 27 - Oct 3, 2020
at EcoCamp Patagonia

Of all the wellness experiences you could choose to have - Wander Well is the ultimate. Truly exquisite locations, expert instruction and moments that will leave you changed forever. 

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